Brake Repair & Replacement

Your brake system’s components eventually need to be replaced as a result of wear and tear. The most frequent brake repair is replacing the brake pads since they degrade every time you push the brake pedal. The metal housing of the pads will come into touch with the metal rotors if they are allowed to wear down too much without being replaced, posing a safety risk and perhaps necessitating rotor replacement as well.

When Do I Need to Service My Brakes?

Some typical warning indicators are:

While driving, the brake warning light illuminates,

Your car drifts or pulls to one side while braking, 

Brake fluid is low and/or looks dirty 

–  You hear grinding or squealing noise when you push the brake,

You feel a pulsation or “sponginess” when you push the brake, 

You feel vibration on steering wheel while braking

You may have difficulty stopping the vehicle when you push the brake.



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Why choose us?

We prioritize our employees’ training and development by keeping up with technological developments and service industry innovations.

We have a team of dedicated professionals that have over 20 years of experience in automotive repair and customer service. When you bring your vehicle in to our shop, our friendly staff members will speak with you regarding your concerns and any symptoms that you may have been experiencing.

Our technicians will perform an inspection of your vehicle to determine if there is anything wrong that needs to be repaired. We guarantee that our inspection will be thorough and accurate, and that we will only recommend services that we feel are necessary to restore your car.

Here at Import Auto Center, we use the latest in factory level equipment and computer diagnostics to guarantee the quality of our work.

We offer warranty on our repairs that covers them for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.