Coolant & Oil Leaks

Coolant Leakage

An oil cooler’s external failure can leak out the coolant from the engine. Most coolant leakage occurs at radiators, cooling hoses, and motor related coolant components. The leak could result in anything from a small puddle to a steady stream of coolant under the vehicle. A coolant leak from a bad oil cooler can cause engine overheating problems. If you need help taking care of leakage, contact Import Auto Center and let our experts diagnose and manage the problem for you. 

Oil Leakage

Uncontrolled leaks can stick to rubber hoses and seals and cause premature wear. Oil leaks can leave unpleasant stains on driveways and are dangerous to the environment. Worst of all, oil leaks pose a fire hazard to the engine compartment, and at worst it can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Therefore, fixing oil leaks should be every vehicle owner’s number one priority. Oil leaks occur when gaskets and seals are worn out. Inadequate lubrication of engine parts would eventually cause engine damage.



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